4.24 Blueprints for tomorrow: multi- stakeholder models for cyber resilience


14:15 - 15:15


Chez George

Recording of session 4.24: Blueprints for tomorrow

European Commission

Ambitions of rapid digital transformation against limited resources require leveraging the expertise and investments of all actors across the cyber ecosystem to keep it secure and trustworthy — from bolstering skills and awareness raising, to fortifying critical infrastructure. Insights from the EU’s work with partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, demonstrate how meaningful collaboration between governments, industry, academia, and various forms of public-private partnerships can promote fit-for-purpose, human-centric reforms across policy, legislation and institutions and enhance their effectiveness and sustainability.

  • How to foster multi-stakeholder cooperation geared to create lasting international and interdisciplinary partnerships for cyber resilience?
  • What lessons from multi-stakeholder programming in cyber capacity building are relevant for designing comprehensive digital transformation and connectivity projects?