Cyber Impact Stories

The Cyber Impact Stories is an initiative by the GC3B that aims to illustrate how cybersecurity capacity building (CCB) is having a positive impact globally. Cybersecurity capacity building is a critical part of the digital transition, having a wide impact from critical national infrastructure to cyber crime. Digital capacity building and cybersecurity capacity building are two sides of the same coin, but cyber capacity building remains an abstract concept that is hard to understand in practice.

CCB is a response to global cybersecurity and cybercrime threats by members of the international community, who assist each other through the sharing of skills, knowledge or resources in a collaborative, global effort to make us all safer in a digital world.

The Cybil Knowledge Portal has identified 5 themes within CCB, which the Cyber Impact Stories will revolve around. You can find the themes below.

  • Theme: Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy
    • Strategies
    • National assessments
    • CBMs, norms and cyber diplomacy
  • Theme: Cyber Incident Management & Critical Information Protection
    • National Computer Security Incident Response
    • Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
  • Theme: Cybercrime
    • Cybercrime Training and Prevention, Legal Frameworks / Cybercrime Law
    • Legal Frameworks / Cybercrime Law
  • Theme: Cybersecurity Culture and Skills
    • Cyber Security Awareness
    • Education, Training & Workforce Development
  • Theme: Cyber Security Standards

Interested in submitting a story of an impactful cyber initiative?

Please find the guidelines here.