EU CyberNet/LAC4


Ms. Liina Areng

Liina Areng is the Director of the EU CyberNet project, implemented by the Estonian National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-EE) and focused on coordination and strengthening European Union’s external cyber capacity building. One of EUCN’s flagships is the LAC Cyber Competence Centre (LAC4) in the Dominican Republic. This role follows up her previous work through Cyber4Dev project, the first global EU cyber capacity building initiative.

Liina has had a diverse career, looking at cybersecurity and digital transformation from a variety of angles since 2007, as a diplomat in NATO, Cybersecurity Adviser at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, NATO CCDCOE and Estonian Information System Authority (RIA). She has also worked as the Director of Tallinn Digital Summit and held a variety of policy roles at the Estonian Ministry of Defence.
In February 2023, Liina was awarded with the Order of the White Star by the Estonian President.