3.13. Leveling the playing field: how international law expertise can strengthen cyber resilience


12.15 - 13.30


Adlon 3

Recording of session 3.13

Government of Canada / Government of The Netherlands / Government of Costa Rica

Recognition of the applicability of international law in cyberspace has been an important element in multilateral discussions. Today that focus has shifted to reaching common understandings of how international law applies. Numerous states have published their national view of how international law applies in cyberspace. Further clarity will emerge as more states publish such views. It is warranted to ask how capacity building on international law can help states meet this objective, while also serving other national interests in the cyber domain, including cyber resilience, economic and social development.

  • What can countries concretely gain from increasing their legal capacities and publishing their national positions on how international law applies in cyberspace? How can these steps contribute to the development of national and international cyber policies and legislation and cyber resilience?
  • How can a better understanding of how international law applies in cyberspace contribute to developing a cyber defense posture? How can it strengthen national attribution procedures?