4.34. What it takes! Scaling cybersecurity tools and solutions


18:00 - 19:00


Chez George

Recording of session 4.34: What it takes!

Global Cyber Alliance

Global communities across different sectors, industries, and societies are struggling to adapt to the pace of the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, especially when lacking awareness, knowledge, and the access to critical localized tools. This is often driven by the unique socio-economic, legal, and political challenges that impact making cybersecurity tools and solutions available at scale to diverse communities, especially in developing countries. Addressing these challenges requires clarity about investment needs and opportunities, as well as grassroots, institutional, and innovative distribution models that strengthen engagement and optimize impact.

  • Who are the critical actors and what are their roles in the efforts to optimize and sustain the impact of cybersecurity tools and resources and to ensure sustainable investments in this space?
  • What needs to be factored into the development and implementation of cybersecurity tools and solutions to address unique challenges affecting scalability in the context of developing countries?