Ms. Jordan Matthews

Jordan works in KPMG UK’s Cyber team. Her focus is on Cyber strategy and Cyber Capacity Building, most recently being the delivery lead for a capacity building programme for Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Relevant experience

Delivery lead for Cyber Capacity Building in Africa – this included the development of a cyber curriculum and intern readiness training programme project for school leavers interested in a career in Cyber in South Africa, Upskilling of the judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement in cyber–crime in Kenya, Nigeria and SA, training for SMEs in Nigeria, Kenya and SA on basic cyber hygiene to protect their businesses, national cyber awareness campaigns in Kenya and Nigeria and Critical National Infrastructure security projects.

Delivery lead for Brazil for the Cyber Capacity Building programme, which included development of national cyber awareness campaign’s in Brazil, Secure by design framework implementation for e-government services in Brazil, creation of a national cyber curriculum for schools in Brazil which was adopted by the Ministry of Education. Jordan also spoke on bridging the cyber skills gap as part of a panel at the launch of the UK’s cyber strategy at the Brazilian Embassy.