4.21. Driving change from within: bottom-up approaches in criminal justice capacity building


14.30 - 15.30


Adlon 1

Recording of session 4.21

Interpol / Council of Europe

In the era of digital interdependence, the ability of criminal justice authorities to deal effectively with the challenges posed by cybercrime and electronic evidence is critical for economic growth and democratic governance. Over the past decades, the international development community has invested in numerous initiatives to enhance capacities and cooperation in the fight against cybercrime. Yet, externally facilitated activities, such as training courses, may lack ownership, proper monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and ultimately sustainability. Conversely, locally-driven, self-designed capacity building initiatives offer a more promising avenue for engagement and long-term change.

  1. How can criminal justice stakeholders design and engage in self-driven capacity building initiatives? What are the key challenges and enablers of such processes?
  2. What is the value of locally driven and developed strategic plans and non-training components, such as HR development, financial solutions for forensics tools, and inter-agency cooperation, in sustainable capacity building on cybercrime?