Information Systems and Digital Agency (Benin)

Legal Advisor

Mr. Sêvi Rodolphe Adjaigbe

Sêvi Adjaigbe is a Legal Affairs Advisor at the Information Systems and Digital Agency, and he is also preparing a doctoral thesis on cyberlaw. He has nearly 15 years of experience in public administration in Benin, including more than 10 years in various positions of responsibility in the digital sector: Assistant to the Minister of the Digital Economy, Director of Studies and Research, Director legal affairs. Expert trainer on cybercrime and digital evidence for the International Training Center for French-speaking lawyers, expert of the Council of Europe and the United Nations in cyberlaw, he is a member of the international network of judicial trainers on cybercrime and electronic evidence . He was Technical Advisor on integration to the Minister of Industry and Trade and Chief Negotiator of Benin for the African Continental Free Trade Area.