4.18. Not all about the money: how low-income countries can strengthen their cyber resilience


15.30 - 16.30


Adlon 3

Recording of session 4.18: Not all about the money

Cyber Defense Africa / Togo National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCy) / Togo Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation

Small and low-income countries whose development depends on digital services and knowledge economy need also robust cyber resilience. However, their efforts to provide high quality services in this domain are hampered by limited resources and conflicting priorities. Solutions like a national CERT or a Security Operations Center are a dream rather than reality in too many countries. In such context, developing robust public-private partnership models is often the only way forward – and sometimes the best solution – for creating robust national cybersecurity services.

  • How can PPPs be used to support development of effective cybersecurity services, including well-resourced national CERTs and cutting-edge SOCs?
  • What lessons from countries like Togo – including institutional, legal and financial arrangements – are relevant for PPPs in other low-income countries?