Togolese National Cybersecurity Agency (DG ANCy Togo)

Director General

Mr. Gbota Gwaliba

Major Gbota GWALIBA is the Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency of Togo. He has been at the head of this institution responsible for the protection of Togolese cyber space since April 2021. Major Gbota GWALIBA, specialized in the design and deployment of military communications systems, has served in the Togolese Armed Forces in various operational positions and participated in peacekeeping operations in several African countries under the aegis of the United Nations. In particular, he commanded the unit responsible for maintaining the communication infrastructure of the Togolese Armed Forces. As the first Director General of the ANCy, he strives with determination to hoist this young institution as the national key stakeholder for the protection of the Togolese cyberspace.