1.2. Genie in a bottle? Market mechanisms for cyber resilient development


16.45 - 17.45


Adlon 1

Recording of session 1.2: Genie in a bottle?

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

To weave sustainability into the financing of cyber resilience activities in developing countries requires utilizing the full range of available financial streams and market mechanisms. The private sector and capital markets are under pressure to digitalize services, assets, business processes, and value chains in a secure and efficient way. To service this demand requires a strong local cybersecurity industry, which in turn cannot develop without properly functioning market forces. Yet, both the demand and supply sides of the cybersecurity market in developing economies do not always have straightforward access to the necessary finance and knowledge to address these needs.

  • What incentives structures are needed to promote investments in the private sector of developing countries to grow their local cybersecurity industry and contribute to locally sustained change?
  • What types of development financing mechanisms can be mobilized to improve the cyber resilience of key economic sectors, such as critical infrastructure operators and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?