Founding Secretary-General of the Arab Association for Cybersecurity | Associate Professor at Qatar University


Dr. Noora Fetais

Dr. Noora Fetais is the founding Secretary-General of the Arab Association for Cyber Security and an associate professor at Qatar University (QU). She is a member of the UK-Gulf Women in Cyber Fellowship Program, a fellow at The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (UK), and a mentor at the ITU (UN) Women in Cyber Mentorship Program 2022. Dr. Fetais was awarded a NATO-SPS grant to support her Cyber Women Workshop in Qatar. She is the only woman to chair the Faculty Senate of QU, after which she become director of a computing research center. She leads and manages several cybersecurity teams at QU and abroad, and she is the founder of the Qatar Women in Cyber Security Middle East Affiliate group. Dr. Fetais is a certified innovation leader and holds two US patents in cybersecurity. She is an expert in Emerging Technologies, in particular Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Visualization.