Regional session: Pacific


18:00 - 19:00




Panel, 60 minutes

During this session, the GFCE Hub for the Pacific Region will engage with delegates in a substantive discussion concerning their high-level aspirations, which underscore the need for cyber capacity building. Similar to many other regions, the Pacific has witnessed a growing dependence on digital technologies, rendering it increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, such as several notable ransomware incidents in some Pacific countries. The primary objective of this session is not only to emphasize the Pacific’s ambitions but also to discuss the various available avenues of support to address cyber-related challenges.

The session will also discuss issues that impedes the effective delivery of cyber capacity initiatives within the region. Recognizing and understanding these challenges is crucial for formulating effective mitigation strategies. Furthermore, the session will touch upon the inaugural Pacific Cyber Capacity Building Coordination Conference (P4C), which recently took place in Fiji in October.