4.28. Stars, clouds and deep seas: Ensuring secure and resilient communications infrastructure


14.30 - 15.30


Adlon 2

Recording of session 4.28: Stars, clouds and deep seas


The security of LEO satellites, cloud infrastructure, and subsea communications cables is interwoven in the fabric of our modern communications and data landscape. Each one represents a critical piece of the global communications and data infrastructure, and their security and resilience ensures the seamless and safe operation of the essentialservices that societies across the globe depend on. Ensuring the integrity and security of each is critical for the stability and safety of global communications, and, by extension, for strengthening economic growth and ensuring the general wellbeing of people across the globe. Exchanges of lessons and good practices on how public and private actors are integrating cyber security features into their LEO, cloud and/or subsea infrastructure and on how relevant risk models are evolving can help build resilience against cyber threats, ensure data privacy and maintain the integrity of the infrastructure.

  1. What are the cybersecurity threats unique to these different infrastructures and systems? Are there cybersecurity threats common to all?  What capacity building actions can be prioritised to effectively respond to them?
  2. What are emerging lessons and good practices – policy, legal, regulatory – from efforts to build the security and resilience of space, cloud and undersea cable infrastructure?