3.10. Connection in progress: cyber resilience, development and international security


14:15 - 15:15


Adlon 1

Recording of session 3.10: Connection in progress

US Department of State / CyberPeace Institute

There is no development without security and no security without development. This applies equally to cyber resilience and digital development. Although capacity building and international cooperation are recognized as a key pillar of the framework for responsible state behaviour, there is a risk that they receive little attention amidst other competing development priorities such as access to food, water or eradication of poverty. A clear roadmap is needed to bridge existing divides between different policy communities, ensure that their actions are mutually reinforcing and that they contribute to achieving the SDGs.

  • How can different policy communities work better together to ensure that international security concerns and development goals are better connected in their capacity building actions?
  • How can international cooperation mechanisms be used to promote implementation of the framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace?