2.9. Stronger together: cross-regional approaches to cooperation in cyber capacity building


18:00 - 19:00


Adlon 1

Recording of session 2.9: Stronger together

Organization of American States / Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

With limited resources and a dynamic cyber threat landscape, regions are faced with increasing constraints in implementing comprehensive and coordinated CCB.  As such, coordination within and between regions will be essential for international cooperation to improve cyber resilience. There are many opportunities for collaboration including ensuring that implementers take the regional context into account and more specifically cross- regional efforts given similarities in development and CCB needs. Global and regional processes and good practices have been developed to enable this, including through public-private partnerships. This session will explore these and discuss cross-regional approaches to CCB from the Americas and Asia.

  • How are regional initiatives improving the coordination of international cooperation efforts?
  • What tools are available to enable the coordination of international projects?