1.4. Leave no country behind? Addressing assymetries and politics in cyber capacity building


11.00 - 12.00


Adlon 1

Recording of session 1.4: Leave no country behind?

Government of Germany

The effective coordination of cyber capacity building activities as part of digital transition efforts is essential to avoid focusing on a few “donor darling” countries, duplicating efforts, and further exacerbating digital divides. Yet, the increasing investment in digital development initiatives – such as the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment or the Digital Silk Road – occurs in a multipolar global order. As a result, cooperation in and financing of digital development and cyber capacity building is influenced by complex global trends, including heightened geopolitical tensions, competing digital governance models, and rising calls for national and regional strategic autonomy.

  • How can the international community work better together to avoid geographical investment gaps and asymmetries in strengthening cyber resilience globally?
  • How can developing countries ensure that their agency, needs, and priorities are at the center of cyber resilience and digital development initiatives against growing geopolitical and technological competition?