Special session: Mainstreaming cybersecurity into digital development: inputs for multistakeholder compendium


14.30 - 15.30



Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) / Microsoft / Sweden / International Telecommunication Union

Digital transformation is revolutionising the world in unprecedented ways, serving as a potent force for sustainable development and aiding in the pursuit of the SDGs. A collaborative initiative involving ITU, Microsoft, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, and the GFCE has arranged a series of workshops and consultations running since July, focusing on the intersections between cybersecurity and digital development—a key theme for this conference. These sessions have gathered a wealth of insights, forming the basis for a comprehensive guide involving multiple stakeholders, scheduled for release in early 2024. This guide will propose recommendations for further integration and practical steps.

During the GC3B consultation, participants will delve deeper into the convergence of digital development and cybersecurity discussions, contributing additional insights to the evolving compendium. The co-champions are working towards establishing crucial technical, legal, and policy frameworks, aiming to assist all countries in implementing global cybersecurity norms. The project also seeks to heighten awareness regarding the significance of cybersecurity for sustainable development and encourage dialogue across various sectors and regions.