Regional session: The Americas and Carribean


15.30 - 16.30




Panel, 60 minutes The GFCE Hub for the Americas and the Caribbean Region will facilitate a discussion around the importance of integrating a gender perspective within National Cybersecurity Strategies in the Latin American and the Caribbean region. By featuring real cases studies from two countries, this session will offer practical insights into the progress made by bridging the gender gap within the cybersecurity field. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the significance of incorporating gender perspectives into cybersecurity policies and explore how various nations in Latin America have successfully integrated these perspectives.   This panel discussion will provide a unique platform for cybersecurity experts, and policymakers, to exchange ideas and experiences on how to foster a more inclusive and gender-sensitive approach to cybersecurity in Latin America and in the Caribbean and draw parallels to other regions. It will highlight the importance of promoting diversity and gender equity within the cybersecurity landscape and showcases tangible steps being taken to make this a reality in the region.