4.27. Hacking the gender gap: unconventional strategies for women’s inclusion in cybersecurity


16.45 - 17.45


Adlon 2

Recording of session 4.27: Hacking the gender gap

CyberSafe Foundation

The gender gap is still a major impediment to establishing inclusive, robust and resilient digital ecosystems.  With just a quarter of the global cybersecurity workforce being women, it’s time to rewrite the script.  To bridge the gap and empower women in cybersecurity, unconventional strategies are needed for attracting and retaining women in the industry, including through training and mentorship schemes.  A comprehensive approach to gender in cyber resilience must also include gender-sensitive policies and practices in capacity building.

  • How can we scale up and accelerate efforts to narrow the gender gap in the cybersecurity workforce?
  • How can we ensure gender equity and sensitivity is included in all cyber resilience policies, practices and capacity building?