4.16. Sharing is caring: strategic role of information sharing in the African CERT community


18:00 - 19:00


Adlon 3

Recording of session 4.16

AfricaCERT / Government of Mauritius

Information sharing and awareness between stakeholders is a defining feature of the cybersecurity community and one of its most important challenges. No stakeholder alone can sustainably identify and address all the cyber threats of the fast-changing digital landscape. Trusted, secure and scalable cyber information sharing needs to be a foundational platform on which all participants of the digital ecosystem can rely. This defines the need for a collaborative effort to build capacity particularly for the low-and middle-income countries with respect to cyber threat intelligence information sharing.

  • What are the existing good practices and lessons in information sharing and management that support a timely and effective prevention, mitigation and defence against cyberattacks. How can law and regulation promote the information sharing nationally and across borders?
  • Which capacities are essential for more effective information sharing? What tools exist and could be offered to the community for sharing cyber threat information?