Read the full Accra Call for Cyber Resilient Development

The full Accra Call for Cyber Resilient Development: An Action Framework has been published!

The declaration of the Accra Call during the opening ceremony of the GC3B 2023 marks a historic turning point for the global cybersecurity landscape. The Accra Call is catalyzing global action to ensure that cyber capacity building is designed and implemented to support broader sustainable development goals.

Its action framework provides a blueprint for mainstreaming cyber resilient development by articulating 16 non-binding, voluntary, direction-setting actions that can:

  • Strengthen the role of cyber resilience as an enabler for sustainable
  • development.
  • Advance demand-driven, effective, and sustainable cyber capacity building.
  • Foster stronger partnerships and better coordination.
  • Unlock financial resources and implementation modalities.

There are over +40 governments and organizations from all over the world and all sectors who endorse the Accra Call, demonstrating their willingness to take global action now.

Find out which governments and organizations have endorsed it, as well as how you can join them in supporting the Accra Call.

We encourage you to read the Accra Call for Cyber Resilient Development: An Action Framework to read more about its actions and share with your colleagues to help stimulate global action for a prosperous digital future for all.