GC3B at the Paris Peace Forum

News Article | 10 November 2023

The GC3B is at the esteemed Paris Peace Forum!

The digital transformation of our societies is here, and the international community must act now to ensure a free, open and secure digital future for all. We attended the Paris Peace Forum to gather support to elevate cyber capacity building in the global development agenda.

The GC3B aims to mainstream cyber resilient development by bringing together policymakers and experts to find common solutions, catalyzing global action.

How are we achieving this?

The Accra Call is a concrete global action framework that will be announced at the GC3B, reflecting the 4 pillars of the GC3B program. It will stimulate global action to build global cyber capacities within development plans, supporting the sustainable development goals. Organizations can demonstrate support for the Accra Call through pledges or voluntary endorsements, fostering international cooperation and coordination for effective, sustainable and multistakeholder cyber resilient development.

The Africa Agenda is a strategic action plan that addresses the current cyber needs of African nations. It will be presented at the Africa regional session at the GC3B and tackles existing cyber gaps and enhances the effective implementation of projects in the African continent.

We thank the Paris Peace Forum for the opportunity to bring cyber to the table, alongside other critical global governance issues. Cybersecurity has a key role to play in many of these discussions, from building resilience against cyber attacks, improving national cyber legislation and enabling sustainable development and social prosperity.  

More information will be announced soon on the Accra Call and the Africa Agenda.

Stay tuned!