AngloGold Ashanti (GH) Malaria Control (AGAMal)

Senior IT Infrastrcuture Officer

Mr. Derek Asamoah-Amoyaw

Derek Asamoah-Amoyaw is a distinguished IT Infrastructure Officer at AngloGold Ashanti’s Malaria Control (AGAMal) initiative in Obuasi, Ghana—a pivotal endeavor aimed at eradicating malaria and safeguarding countless lives. With over five years of in-depth experience, Derek has excelled in designing, deploying, and managing sophisticated networks, particularly in environments requiring robust business intelligence and data analysis solutions.

His proficiency extends to various facets of systems engineering, ensuring that technological ecosystems function seamlessly and efficiently. His knowledge in disaster and cyber recovery emphasizes his dedication to maintaining business continuity and agility.

A distinctive trait of Derek’s career journey is his adeptness in troubleshooting and devising solutions for intricate IT challenges. His analytical, organizational, and communication skills further amplify his value as a key IT asset.