Special Envoy delivers Keynote Address at NCSAM Ghana

News Article | 04th October 2023

On Monday October 2, the GC3B Special Envoy delivered the keynote address at the National Cyber Security Awareness Month in Ghana (NCSAM 2023). 

The event was organized by the Cybersecurity Authority Ghana (CSA), which is responsible for Ghana’s cybersecurity development. The NCSAM 2023 is part of national efforts to raise awareness on cybercrimes and improve Ghana’s cybersecurity practices among the general public, businesses and government. The theme of this year’s NCSAM is “Promoting a Culture of Digital Safety”.  

Ghana is heavily focusing on developing their cyber strategy. They have established impactful projects such as the “Girls in ICT” to help empower women, becoming a leading example in the pursuit of economic digitalization. As such, it offers a dynamic background to the multi-stakeholder cyber capacity building and development communities to engage with each other, helping catalyze global action for cyber resilient development. 

You can watch a piece of the Special Envoy’s powerful Keynote Address below:  

GC3B Special Envoy Moctar Yedaly

The Special Envoy and the GC3B as a whole are honoured to have been able to contribute to Ghana’s efforts in raising cyber awareness and kindly thanks the Cyber Security Authority for the invitation.