Master of Ceremonies Anita Erskine

The GC3B is delighted to announce the GC3B Master of Ceremonies: Anita Erskine!

Anita Erskine, a distinguished figure in Media and Communications, is the Executive Director at Erskine Global Communications, specializing in Corporate Communications, Strategic Communications Management, and Television Content Development. As a seasoned broadcast host, she’s led over 10 TV programs, including the impactful “Anita Erskine’s Sheroes,” with a global viewership of 15 million.

Notably, Anita’s influence extends to hosting 200+ events, from high-level dialogues to prestigious award ceremonies, including the Qatar Africa Business Forum, Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit and the Global Financing Facility at the World Health Summit. Co-founder of the STEM Woman Project, Anita passionately advocates for Gender Equality, Tech Innovation, Climate Change, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Education, and Sanitation. Recognized globally, she is among Africa’s top 50 Most Impactful Voices in 2023. Explore her impactful journey at

We are thrilled to have such an impactful figure as the key Master of Ceremonies for the opening ceremony of the inaugural Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building, and welcome her to our team.