GC3B 2023 Summary Report

The GC3B 2023 Summary Report has been published!

The GC3B 2023 was the first high-level gathering that convened policy-makers and experts from the development and cyber capacity building communities. It elevated discussions of cybersecurity into the global governance agenda, catalyzing action to mainstream cyber resilience with national and international development plans. The GC3B is now pleased to publish the GC3B 2023 Summary Report, which summarises the key discussions of each program pillar and provides a summary of the insights shared by over 100+ leaders and experts who spoke at the GC3B.

The GC3B Report includes:

  • Foreword by David Van Duren (Global Forum on Cyber Expertise Director)
  • Introduction & Key Highlights
  • Summary of Pillar 1 – 4 sessions
  • Summary of Regional Sessions
  • Acknowledgements & Looking Ahead

We are proud to share this summary report, which we hope provides an insightful summary of the discussions that were held at the GC3B 2023.